The Animals

Statement of Animal Care

The owners and staff at the land of little horses are committed to the care and well-being of all of our animals. We house miniature horses, ponies, horses, camel, alpaca, sheep, goats, peacocks, pigs, and more! We find it awe inspiring to not only see the various species’ behaviors and intelligence, but also how they interact between species. The llama’s best bud is a goat! The camel is pals with our two new miniature donkeys! Google the goat thinks she is a mini horse! And Columbus, our mini horse ambassador, thinks he is a human 😊

We consider ourselves animal welfare advocates, and espouse the philosophy that our animals serve as ambassadors for their species, and that those who visit our park will hopefully develop a greater understanding of, and care for animals around our planet! One of the things we also believe is that watching our animals, including the various species, interact is a metaphor that might change the world! Our animals come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They have diverse backgrounds including those who were raised and loved on the farm; and those who have come from varying degrees of difficult circumstances including neglect, and in some cases even abuse. Yet we watch in amazement as these animals coexist on our 100 acre farm in a mostly peaceful harmony. This seems like exactly what we need as humans to make the world a better, more harmonious place to live~

We hope you can visit soon so that you too may be able to interact with, AND be inspired by our amazing animals!

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