In addition to our extensive show schedule, many other activities are happening throughout the day

  • Playground
  • Feed, pet, groom, photograph, and hug our lovable animals
  • Visit our Nature trail
  • Relax! (Parent Friendly Activity 😊)
  • Pedal Car Track
  • Free Wifi
  • Daily Unicorn Sightings!

Activities with additional charges.

Pony Rides – Pony rides are available immediately following The Mane Event in our Western Town.  Ponies are horses that fall in size between a miniature and a full-size horse.  Rides are a great way to make lots of memories and are great photo ops!  Riders must be under 4’11” and weigh less than 80 pounds.  Ride tokens are $5/ride and can be purchased at the Sugar Shack in the Arena, in the General Store at Western Town, or in the Gift Shop.

Check daily schedule boards for times and location

Unicorn Photos – Mystic, the Unicorn is available immediately following The Mane Event in the Arena for photos!  Our mystical and magical unicorn will pose with you for as many photos with as many people as you would like as time allows.  Photos are taken on your personal device and are yours to keep.  This special photo opportunity is a one-time $5 fee.  Tickets can be purchased at the Sugar Shack in the Arena or in the Gift Shop.

Immediately following The Mane Event

Gem Mining – Be a real prospector in Western Town and go mining for special gemstones!  Purchase a kit in the General Store in Western Town and mine is our real-life sluice!  The gemstones are your treasures to take home!  Kits are $6.99/kit.  This is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day!

Mining is available from noon-3:00

Souvenir Feed Cups – Perhaps our most popular activity!!!  Purchase a souvenir feed cup in the gift shop and feed almost all of the animals at the park!  Guests of all ages love to take part in this activity that warms your heart when the animals show you special attention.  Souvenir feed cups are available in the Gift Shop, Sugar Shack, and the General Store in Western Town.  They are $5/cup and the cup is your to keep to remember your special visit.  Refills are available at any of the above locations throughout the day for $2.50/refill.

Wagon Rides – Come and join us for a behind the scenes tour of the property on our very own wagon ride! Learn all about the park and enjoy a nice relaxing ride through our fields in our covered wagon. Tickets can be purchased at the General Store in Western Town for $2.50 per person ages 3 and up. Check daily schedule boards for times.

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