Land of Little Horses

Schedule of Events

Daily Schedule of Events

The Land of Little Horses Farm Park is more than fun – it is educational too.

Tortoise and Hare Race 10:30 AM

Parade of Breeds 11:30 AM

Performing Animal Show 12:30 PM

Brushes or Bubbles 1:30 PM

Close Encounters 2:30 PM

Performing Animal Show 3:30 PM

Herd Release 4:00 PM

NOTE: The 10:30 & 11:30 Events don’t occur on Sunday since we don’t open until noon.

Schedule of Events is different on VALUE DAYS IN SPRING AND FALL
Value Days hours 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Value Days Schedule of Events



History may repeat itself just like in the fabled story of this great race. Will the hare be just a little too sassy and not realize that the slow and steady pace of the tortoise has left him in the dust? Our first event of the day will answer that question as the two historic opponents face off yet again.

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Over the past few years, Land of Little Horses Farm Park has extended our welcome to quite a few animals looking for a place to call home. In doing so, the addition of different breeds of horses and ponies has made our barns a much more diverse display of shapes, sizes and color. During our Parade of Breeds event, meet some of the breeds that now call our farm home and some interesting facts on what makes each one of them unique and important to the equine world.

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The Animal Performances are the highlight of the day. Presented inside the heated/air-conditioned arena, park guests are treated to an entertaining show full of talented, fun-loving animal stars.

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Take part in hands-on grooming activities ranging from brushing to bathing real horses! During the daily events, the staff shares with guests what it takes to operate a farm like this. A great time is guaranteed to be had by all! Interesting, fun-filled events vary daily.

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The close encounters display is designed to tell the history of the park and its inhabitants. Learn about the little horses and even have a “close encounter” and pet them! This is a great photo opportunity.

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Come watch the herd as they run and kick up their heels when it is time to take to the pastures and enjoy their evening together grazing. The release depends on the weather conditions.

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